Joint Lung Research

A unique partnership has been formed between the Division of Pulmonary Medicine of the Department of Medicine at Harvard’s Brigham and Women’s Hospital in Boston and The Lovelace Respiratory Research Institute in New Mexico.

In this formal affiliation, the two organizations have developed a formal collaboration to advance our knowledge of the mechanisms of respiratory disease and develop new therapeutic approaches. Of particular value is the merging of clinical and basic science expertise between the two organizations.

BWH has outstanding clinical scientists and access to large respiratory patient populations, LRRI has outstanding basic scientists and access to extensive animal models of respiratory diseases. LRRI can execute Good Laboratory Practice (GLP) studies and BWH can execute Good Clinical Practice (GCP) studies. Thus, the partnership can not only advance our knowledge of the mechanisms of disease but directly impact new drug development.

This partnership allows for the sharing of facilities, equipment, and expertise and the hiring of outstanding scientists and post doctoral fellows to work at one or both institutions all under the same program.